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There is little time left for the hazelnut harvest in 2022 to begin. Emphasizing that hazelnuts are of high quality and productive this year, officials and hazelnut producers said that fertilizer and per diem prices have soared so much that the base price should be at least 50 liras and above.

Harvest will begin in Black Sea’s Trabzon region at the end of July and as of August, when producers go into the hazelnut orchards.


Last year, the base price of hazelnuts was announced as 27 liras by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In the 2022 hazelnut season, due to the increasing costs in the last year, the authorities expect the hazelnut base price to be announced at least 50 TL and above due to the expenses incurred by the hazelnut producers.

Trabzon’s Arsin District Chamber of Agriculture Chairperson Hasan Kozoğlu said, “The fertilizer we bought for 50 TL last year is between 200-250 TL by now. The cost has risen a lot this season. To meet the cost, the base price of hazelnuts must be 53 TL and above.” Hasan Kozoğlu also stated that hazelnut yield looks good this season and so the yield may exceed 700 thousand tonnes.

Hasan Kozoğlu

“Our hazelnuts are of good quality this year. Because our producers have taken care of the hazelnuts by using fertilizers and chemical pesticides despite the high costs. Therefore, the yield is very high. We are experiencing a golden age in exports. In addition to fertilizer prices, the price of chemical pesticides has increased 4 times. As a result of our negotiations, they said that they do not expect a price of 53 TL below the base price of hazelnuts,” he added…

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