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A planned and sustainable production policy is the key to agricultural development

Sustainable Agriculture – Food Platform Cemre Movement recently organized a webinar.

In the webinar, under the moderation of Cemre Movement Founder-Partner Professor Dr. Meltem Onay, Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association Chairperson Hayrettin Uçak and Istanbul Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association Chairwoman Melisa Tokgöz Mutlu came together.

In the webinar, smart agricultural practices, the EU Green Consensus that shaped the “carbon-free economy” period, circular agriculture and agricultural investments, R&D and innovation studies were discussed.

Hayrettin Uçak said that the pandemic period opened a new door to the world’s leading manufacturers of fruit and vegetable production in countries such as Turkey.

Uçak said, “During this period, we managed to increase our share in our current markets and our biggest success was our uninterrupted production. By increasing our product range, we should extend our export seasons and achieve a sustainable structure in exports. We closely follow and contribute to the work of Agricultural Research Institutes. Within the scope of increasing product diversity, we attach great importance to the establishment of specialized organized industrial zones based on agriculture. With the greenhouse organized industrial zone in Dikili region of İzmir province, we have a production target of up to 80 thousand tonnes of quality and high value-added fruit and vegetables.”

A control mechanism should be developed in both the number of producers and production areas…

Noting that there has been a decrease in the cultivable agricultural areas due to both development and the departure of the young population from agriculture, the primary goal is not to produce more, but to sell what is produced at a higher price and value, Uçak added, “One of the most important duties of central and local governments is to take steps to consolidate agricultural lands. In Yozgat province, consolidation was carried out on an area close to 40 thousand hectares in 2020. Control of production in large agricultural areas is also much easier and more effective. Argentina is one of the world’s leading lemon producers. This production takes place with 15-20 large producers. In Chile, which is the largest cherry exporter in the world, production is provided by a small number of producers.”

“Since there are too many producers in our country and production is made in small areas, the contracted production model cannot be operated properly. In order not to encounter residue problems in our export markets, we have a lot of work for both the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, local governments and us exporters,” Uçak concluded…

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