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Hayrettin Uçak: Türkiye’s citrus exports surpassed 1.1 billion dollars

Press release…

Türkiye’s exports of citrus products in 2023 soared by 23 percent from 903 million to 1 billion 112 million dollars. The Turkish citrus sector met the world’s need for vitamin C.

Hayrettin Uçak

Hayrettin Uçak, Chairperson of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association, stated that in the 100th year of the Republic of Türkiye, they succeeded in exceeding 1 billion dollars for the first time in the export of citrus products.

While Türkiye’s export of citrus products was 1 million 940 thousand tonnes in 2022 in terms of quantity, we sent 1 million 950 thousand tonnes of citrus products to all over the world in 2023,” Uçak said.

“We distribute healing to the world”

Hayrettin Uçak pointed out that Turkish exporters have left behind a successful year with exports of 1 billion 112 million dollars by delivering our citrus products to all four corners of the world in 2023 with an approach based on food safety and quality.

Tangerine at the top of citrus exports…

Giving the information that the country exported 3 billion 491 million dollars of fresh fruit and vegetable exports in 2023, Uçak added, “Citrus products had a 32 percent share in our fresh fruit and vegetable exports. Tangerine continued to be the export leader among citrus products with an amount of 577 million dollars. Tangerine became the export champion not only among our citrus products but also among our fresh fruit and vegetable products. Our lemon exports increased by 30 per cent from 272 million dollars to 355 million dollars. Our orange exports increased from 98 million dollars to 112 million dollars with a 15 per cent progress. Our grapefruit exports; It was recorded as 68 million dollars.”

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