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The pomegranate fruit, the symbol of fertility, had a prosperous year in exports in 2020.

Turkey’s pomegranate exports rose by 29 percent in 2020 and reached from 97 million 489 thousand dollars to 126 million and 54 thousand dollars. The export of pomegranate broke a historical record with this amount.

Turkey in the previous years held the most pomegranate exports in 2013 with the amount of 111 million 668 thousand dollars.

As for the quantity basis, with an increase of 23 percent, it increased from 155 thousand 714 tonnes to 192 thousand 6 tonnes.

According to the data of Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EİB), Turkey was able to export pomegranate to 75 countries in 2020.

Sharing the information that efficiency and quality of the crop was very good in 2020, Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association Chairman Hayrettin Uçak said, “We have caught the highest export figure in pomegranate by exceeding 126 million dollars.”

Pomegranate exports increased by 125 percent in 10 years…

Pointing out that Turkey’s pomegranate export was 59 million 335 thousand dollars in 2010, Hayrettin Uçak noted, “Pomegranate producers have been very conscious in recent years. They have managed to produce quality crops and zero residue. In this way, our pomegranate export has increased every year and we have achieved an increase of 125 percent in the last 10 years.”

“Pomegranate strengthens the immune system in human body. In 2020, when the pandemic occurred, there was an increase in demand worldwide. The pandemic also played a driving role in the export record. Unless climate change affects yields negatively, we also expect an increase in pomegranate exports in 2021,” Hayrettin Uçak added…

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