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Hasan Girenes said the food that needs to be produced in the next 40 years will be more than what had been produced in 6 thousand years in the past.

Yaşar Holding Vice President of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Hasan Girenes drew attention the importance of supporting with sustainable activities and the development of agriculture in Turkey for the future of agriculture.

Hasan Girenes said, “Agriculture is a sector that frequently touches our lives every day. However, most of us have noticed the attention and respect that agriculture deserves during the pandemic period with our sensitivity towards food. Our country is located in a very lucky geography and this geography has a great agricultural potential. In terms of rich soil, different climate and rich habitat, Turkey has a great diversity and advantage. In our country, livestock activities and animal production rate have been growing in recent years. We produce both for our 83 million people and to meet the needs of countries that are not lucky in terms of agricultural resources. If we look at the same global scale, we can see that we have a competitive advantage in many agricultural products.”

The development of agriculture shapes the future of societies…

“While 50 years ago, 1 hectare of agricultural land could feed 2 people, today it can feed 5 people. Progress is okay but not enough. In the coming years, we need to increase productivity so that 1 hectare of land will feed 10 people, not 5 people,” Girenes noted.

Stating that the food that should be produced in the next 40 years will be more than that produced in 6 thousand years backwards, Girenes explained, “A very serious task awaits us in the next period. In this process, as a country, we need to carry out sustainable studies to evaluate our agricultural potential and turn it into opportunity. The development and productivity of agricultural activities also shape the future of societies. More work by all stakeholders in the agricultural sector on the future of agriculture; it needs to undertake innovations focused on production and development.”

“Agriculture in our country is of vital importance and it is too precious not to be left alone. Guidance should be given to the development of our agriculture and water resources with good planning and guidance along with supported absolutely by information and technology,” Girenes added.

“I would like to underline that we are experiencing the digital renaissance in global agriculture and emphasize that the digital transformation in agriculture is achieved thanks to human intelligence, skills and effective cooperation and that we will need more effective communication and cooperation in the coming years,” Girenes concluded…

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