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Producers of industrial plant hops, which are produced only in Pazaryeri district of Bilecik (a northwestern province) in Turkey, started their harvest time.

Serdar Sert

It is aimed to earn 15 to 20 million liras this year from hops, which is cultivated on an area of ​​approximately 2 thousand 950 decares by 575 farmers in the district and used in the pharmaceutical and beverage industry.

Producers were pleased that the yield of the plant, whose harvest fell due to rains and extreme heat in the past years, is higher this year.

The plant, whose leaves are opposite, whose stem is coiled and flowers turn into egg-like cones, is loaded onto tractors from the fields and transported to the collection center.

District Agriculture and Forestry Director Serdar Sert said that hops in Turkey is produced in 3 villages of Bilecik centre as well as Pazaryeri and 11 villages.

Stating that 600 to 1000 kilograms of yield can be obtained per decare from hops, Sert said, “We hope to reach a yield of around 1000-1700 tonnes this year. According to the prices fixed by the determination commission, this year ‘Aroma’ type kilogram is 16.10 lira, other varieties are available. It is bought at 15.75 liras.”

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