Honey harvest has started for Anzer honey produced in Anzer Plateau, located at an altitude of 2300-3000 metres, in İkizdere district of Rize province.

In order to produce Anzer honey, whose price competes with gold, approximately 3,500 hives are placed across the plateau according to the rate of insolation every year in May.

While weather conditions are determinant in annual honey production, the Caucasian bee race is preferred due to its production quality and suitability to weather conditions.

In Anzer Plateau, where nearly 200 beekeepers placed 3 thousand hives this year, beekeepers, who brought together 40 endemic flowers with a rich plateau flora, started harvesting the worldwide known Anzer honey during the summer.

Honey collected from beekeepers united under the umbrella of Anzer Ballıköy Agricultural Development Cooperative is registered and sealed at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, after pollen analysis is conducted.

Anzer Ballıköy Agricultural Development Cooperative President Osman Civelek told reporters that harvesting will end in 3-5 days in “Anzer honey”.

Civelek also pointed out that productivity in honey harvest is low due to the prevalence of animal husbandry in the region in recent years and said, “We have done a study to remove animals from bee fields. We have achieved this to a certain extent. This work must be continued for the future of beekeeping in Anzer.”

Stating that they produced around one and a half tons of honey last year, Civelek continued his words as follows: “I expect this year to be more efficient than last year. We will have around 2 tons of honey. This is enough for our orders. We will try to send the remaining honey to our new customers. There are also customers from abroad as well as in Turkey. By the way as Arab tourists explore the Black Sea region, the number of our Arab customers has increased considerably in recent years.”

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