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Stating that the ban on the export of butter by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will harm the sector, Harun Çallı, Chairman of the Turkish National Dairy Council (USK), asked for the implementation to be reversed. Emphasizing that the stocks still far exceed the domestic demand, Çallı said, “The butter in our stocks needs to be exported.”

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Based on its authority to make periodic arrangements in the export of agricultural products, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry banned the export of butter as of April 18, on the grounds of “providing the national butter supply security and maintaining the supply and demand balance”.

USK: “A practice that will harm the industry should be abandoned”

Pointing out the damage that the butter export restriction will cause to the sector, National Dairy Council (USK) Chairman Harun Çallı explained, “Currently, our dairy industrialists have more butter in their stocks than they can market domestically. Our total stock amount is well above the domestic market demand. Therefore, the butter in our stocks has to be exported.”

“Export in butter is very important in terms of both the supply-demand balance in our domestic market and indirectly avoiding upward price movements that may arise in other dairy products. Commodity products such as butter, which are out of stock more than needed, have a high potential to disrupt the balance of the domestic market. Moreover, with the price advantage we have now, our industrialists are in a position to export their stocks very quickly,” Çallı added…

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