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International Dairy Federation (IDF): World Milk Day 2021 focuses on dairy sustainability

On World Milk Day June 01, 2021, the dairy sector shares the important steps being taken around the world to improve dairy sustainability and reduce dairy’s carbon footprint.

Around the world, dairy farms are embracing initiatives to ensure sustainable dairy, including new approaches to agriculture, quality education, improved milk quality, development of rural areas through dairying, strong international cooperation, and climate commitment achievements.

A vital element of this is sharing knowledge on innovative and eco-friendly dairy farming and dairy processing innovations that focus on high quality animal care, and encourages the industry to adopt energy-saving, low-carbon and water-efficient practices, minimising negative socioeconomic and environmental impacts. 

Each day, dairy farmers impact the land, water and air we all share. But as good environmental stewards, they continuously innovate and adopt new practices and technologies to produce the same amount of food using fewer natural resources, yet still provide all the same great nutrients…

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