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Haluk Tezcan: Türkiye is the world leader in flour exports

Press release…

Haluk Tezcan, Vice Chair of Aegean Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association, announced that Türkiye is the world leader in flour exports.

Haluk Tezcan

“Indeed, this leadership is a leadership that suits us. We touch 8 billion people in some way. Last year, Ukraine-Russia grain corridor was a very good opportunity for Türkiye. We have shown a serious increase in many of our export markets. In the comparison of 2022-2023, we grew approximately 33 percent in exports. As Türkiye, we are a self-sufficient country. In this sense, we do not have any problems in our wheat production. But when it comes to the world, other issues may appear here. It seems right that we should plant for ourselves and import products with higher added value from abroad,” he said.

“The war environment in Ukraine and Russia is currently reflecting positively on us, and as Türkiye, we are importing a significant amount of wheat from there and exporting a significant amount of flour in the world market. The fact that this milling sector, especially our country, dominates the Mesopotamian plain and is very successful in terms of knowledge and meaning in the milling sector adds another idea and another meaning. Our wheat grown in the Southeast is the highest quality wheat in the world. This year, for the first time since the last years, we have exported wheat as the country and as you know, we were on the importing side. We would be much happier to sell it not as wheat but as a processed product. However, unfortunately, we have difficulty in realising this because our pasta sector is unfortunately prevented from taking too much action due to these quotas, which give us the opportunity to produce within the framework of the rules applied to us by the world. As a sector, we dream of exporting flour with our own wheat,” he added…

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