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Haluk Tezcan: Our goal for 2028 is to export 2 billion dollars worth of flour

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Haluk Tezcan, Head of the Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Association (TUSAF), said that Turkish flour is used in cakes, pizzas, pastas, breads, cakes and cookies in world cuisines.

Haluk Tezcan

“We touch 8 billion people in some way and we will continue to do so. Indeed, this leadership is a leadership that suits us. In the 2022-2023 comparison, our exports grew by 20 percent on quantity basis. As Turkish flour industrialists, we will continue to take our place in the world markets in a strong way. At the end of 2028, we will work with all our strength to bring 2 billion dollars of foreign currency to our country,” Tezcan said.

Responding to the comments about Türkiye’s wheat imports, Tezcan explained, “Türkiye is a self-sufficient country with an annual wheat production of 22 million tonnes. In this sense, we do not have any problem in our wheat production. However, in order to export flour and bakery products to the world, we import and process wheat from Ukraine, Russia and other countries and export a very serious amount of flour in the world market.”

“The fact that this milling sector, especially our country, dominates the Mesopotamian plain and is very successful in terms of knowledge and meaning in the milling sector adds another idea and another meaning,” Tezcan concluded..

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