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In the field harvest day held in Konya province, Halis Bread Wheat variety was introduced to farmers, flour industrialists of Konya, officials of public and private organizations and to agricultural stakeholders.

While the increase in food consumption draws attention along with the pandemic, the importance of agriculture and agricultural production has once again come forward.

Halis, Turkey’s new local and national Bread Wheat variety, has made great impact in Konya, Turkey’s granary region, with its quality and yield potential.

During the harvest day, under the supervision of farmers and industrialists in the Karapınar district of Konya, Halis Bread Wheat variety attracted great attention with its high energy, protein, hectolitre values ​​and disease resistance as well as a high yield of 1043 kilograms per decare.

Alp Agriculture Company Chairman of the Board, Alptekin İlgün, who stated that Halis is a bread wheat variety developed by the Sakarya Agricultural Research Institute affiliated with TAGEM (General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies) in 2018, said, “Halis has the quality values ​​required by the flour industrialists and we have been following this variety for a long time.”

İlgün, after seeing the high yield and quality values ​​of Halis variety in the registration trials in 2018, said that they aspired to bring this variety to our farmers in the region and plan to produce 10 thousand tons in the next 5 years and plan to offer it to the farmers, “The Sakarya Agricultural Research Institute I would also like to thank the manager Yavuz Ağı and the breeder of the variety Halis, Lütfü Demir. I hope that these efforts given to these works will help us to further advance our country’s agriculture. ”

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