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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Union Sector Board and Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union Vice Chairman Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan said that Russia is always in the foreground of fresh fruit and vegetable exports.

In this period, while exports of fresh fruit and vegetables to Russia as a product of 34 items, Gürdoğan draws attention to only one product that tomatoes in the first place on the basis of exports.

What we want is to take more share from Russian market…

Stating that they are pleased with the increase in tomato exports, “We have made a nice start to tomato exports to Russia and we aim to complete these exports with much better numbers. We are striving to get more shares from the Russian market” Gürdoğan said.

“Due to logistical advantages to the Russian market we can supply the freshest and offer products at fair prices. The negative side of our exports that heavy processing of procedures at the entrance to the market. As a result of high-level contacts I believe that procedures will be much easier in near future” he also noted.

Gürdoğan stating that Russia has lifted tomato export quotas allocated to Turkey to 150 thousand tons, yet they didn’t accept the implementation of the quota of the cumulative system and requested at least 250 thousand tons of the amount of the annual quota to be applied.

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