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Harvest season has started in Turkiye’s northeastern province of Gümüşhane, which has the country’s first gluten-free flour source, buckwheat processing factory.

This year’s harvest put a smile on the face of the farmers, as the harvest started with a combine harvester in the area of ​​approximately one thousand decares planted with contract agriculture in the Öbektaş Town of Kelkit district and its surroundings.

The buckwheat plant, which contributes to honey production both because it is gluten-free, the crop sought by celiac patients and because of being flowery, is brought into the economy as flour and bulghur in the facility, which was established in the town 3 years ago without any waste and is the first in Turkiye.

It is brought to the factory in Gümüşhane, where gluten-free buckwheat flour, which was imported until a few years ago, is produced from many cities of the country to be turned into finished products after being cultivated and harvested through contract agriculture.

“We declared Gümüşhane as the capital of buckwheat 3 years ago”

Tam Agriculture Inc. (Tarım A.Ş.) declared that they bought it from the farmer, processed and presented it to the market in a packaged form as the first in Turkiye. Tayyar Gürsoy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “We have started our 2022 buckwheat harvest, which we planted on May 18.”

“We declared Gümüşhane as the capital of buckwheat 3 years ago. Today, we have a buckwheat plantation of over a thousand decares in Gümüşhane province. We said Bismillah, we have been harvesting for 2 days. This year the yield is better than other years. We have done our planting and all our work in a more experienced way,” Gürsoy added…

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