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Year-end target for tomato product group is 650 million dollars while
fresh tomato exports exceed 250 million dollars.

Tomato product group exports, in January-October 2020 period, reached 496 million dollars.

The prominent countries in fresh tomato market, which surpassed 252 million dollars, were Romania and Ukraine which have experienced by 40 and 36 percent increase in exports respectively.

In the tomato paste, sent to 110 countries in total, 116 percent increase to Germany and 75 percent increase to Saudi Arabia draws attention.

Tomato sauces and ketchup exports to 105 countries increased 57 percent to the United Arab Emirates, 37 percent to Iraq, 35 percent to Syria and 15 percent to Spain.

“Sustainability is one of the most talked about concepts recently”

According to Hayrettin Uçak, Chairman of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association, for a sustainable world, food resources and nutrition should be handled as a whole.

“Our industry provides significant added value to the national economy with its structure that supports organic and sustainable agriculture. Tomato has the widest product range of both finished and fresh vegetable product groups. Usage area is very large and an important economic source of income for Turkey,” said Hayrettin Uçak.

Stating that from January 1 to October 30, they made 252 million dollars of fresh tomato export, Hayrettin Uçak noted, “We also signed 131 million dollars in tomato paste, 65 million in dried tomatoes, 27 million in frozen tomatoes, 16 million in tomato sauces and ketchup, 2 million in tomato juice and 1 million dollars in peeled tomatoes.”

“Our tomato product group exports continue to increase every year. Our exports, which were 486 million dollars in January-October period last year, rose by 2 percent this year and reached 496 million dollars. We aim to bring 650 million dollars of foreign currency to our country by the end of the year,” added Hayrettin Uçak.

“Turkey ranked fourth across the world in fresh tomato production. In the period from 2001 to 2019, our fresh tomato production increased by around 50 percent and reached 13 million tons. Iraq stands out in our tomato paste, tomato sauces and ketchup exports, Japan in our tomato juice exports, England in our frozen tomatoes and peeled tomatoes, Russia in our fresh tomato exports, Germany in our oil-dried tomato exports and Italy in our dried tomato exports,” concluded Hayrettin Uçak…

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