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Food Engineers: There is no saving from food safety!

Press release…

TMMOB (Union of Turkish Engineers and Architecture Chambers) Chamber of Food Engineers emphasised the inaccuracy of limiting the recruitment of personnel to the public sector in the savings package in the public sector and said, “It is not possible to control food enterprises with insufficient personnel. Food safety and public health cannot even be the subject of savings. The right to healthy life cannot be jeopardised under the name of saving in the public sector.”

In the statement made by the Board of Directors of TMMOB Chamber of Food Engineers, it was reminded that the Presidential Circular No. 2024/7 on Savings Measures included measures to be taken to save money in the expenditures of public institutions and organisations.

“Inadequate inspections for food safety”

In the statement, it was highlighted that there are serious problems in ensuring food safety in the country and especially in recent years, food poisoning has been experienced almost every day and the primary reason for this is inadequate and ineffective public inspections:

“Access to adequate and safe food is a human right and the main duty of the state is to be regulatory and supervisory in this regard. However, it is not difficult to predict that this responsibility cannot be fulfilled effectively with insufficient personnel.”

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