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“Digital Farming Management Tool Market Acceptance Solutions”

İZMİR (Aegean Agency) – Project proposal of “Digital Farming Management Tool Market Acceptance Solutions (d-FaMToMAS)”, of which Aegean University is a project partner to be presented to Full Proposal by passing the TUBITAK and European Union eliminations among 112 projects, took place among 33 proposals to be invited.

Handled by ERANET COFUND ICT AGRI FOOD, the project presented within the scope of “Transnational, Collaborative, Interdisciplinary / Interdisciplinary Research Projects on Effective Agricultural-Food Systems” is conducted by Assoc. Dr. Behiç Arif Tekin.

Turkey, Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Finland take part in the project carried out under the coordination of University of Bologna, Italy. In addition, Skysens and Hisarlar Mahindra firms within the Ege University Technopark also support the project.

Talking about the purpose of the project, Assoc. Dr. Behiç Arif Tekin said, “In the food chain from agricultural production to the table, we provide a good use of food value chain management by providing information on the production process and the processing of data produced by smart sensors in food processing plants, by equipping the machines used in agricultural production with information technologies. Main targets are optimization and traceability.”

“Food chain data will be analyzed from field to table”

Expressing that the collection and analysis of the data in the food chain should be provided as a whole, Assoc. Dr. Behiç Tekin noted, “This project will provide solutions for automated data collection and analysis, which provides direct advantages for farms and the rest of the food value chain. In addition, the operational goal is effective by integrating and improving the management of machine fleets, machinery equipment, agricultural inputs and maintenance practices performed, resulting in machine route planning, agricultural input use, yield mapping, time use, increased efficiency in power management, data traceability and improved transparency.”

“So this will provide a framework for a Farm Management Information System (FMIS). In this way, supply chain actors can increase awareness of production processes by having a full vision of the actual amount of input use, possible operational inefficiencies, economic and environmental impacts of their applications and field working conditions,” Dr. Tekin concluded.

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