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Fiskobirlik opens new hazelnut purchasing season

Hazelnut Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (FİSKOBİRLİK), as of today, opened the 2019 product hazelnut purchasing season.

Lütfi Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FİSKOBİRLİK said that 50 teams were formed in all of the cooperatives and they started accepting products.

Bayraktar stating that they apply a purchase policy through cash and escrow system, “Our farmers will receive the price of the product immediately and those who wish to leave it for later evaluation as depots to our warehouses” he added.

Bayraktar also noted that they will be buying the nuts 25 kuruş more of the price per kg that forms in daily market and they aspire to buy all the nuts to be brought to them.

“This union belongs to our producers. Therefore we want farmers to give the necessary support to FİSKOBİRLİK” Bayraktar concluded…


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