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Lütfi Bayraktar, the Chairman of the Hazelnut Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (FİSKOBİRLİK), said that in 2020, they had 500 million liras turnover targets.
Bayraktar stated that they made a great effort to keep the union alive at the press conference held at the FİSKOBİRLİK General Directorate.

Expressing that they made a significant investment and also grew accordingly, Bayraktar said, “Hazelnut processing plant is currently producing 20 and 100 main barcode products and sold abroad.

Indicating that the hazelnut crushing plant investments are continuing, finally, they have realized the project with a cost of 750 thousand dollars in Fatsa district of Ordu, Bayraktar noted, “Infrastructure works for the construction of the facility on the land allocated to us in the organized industrial zone of Bulancak district of Giresun continues too.”

Pointing out that they have turnover targets of 500 million liras in 2020, Bayraktar added, “If you produce it, it will contribute to the producer. If you grow by producing it, it will contribute to hazelnuts. If you grow by producing, you will have the chance to sustain FİSKOBİRLİK. Our common denominator must be FİSKOBİRLİK and hazelnuts.”

Reminding that Giresun quality hazelnut varieties and hazelnut paste product were taken under protection with geographical indication documents, Bayraktar continued as follows:

“We are protecting Giresun hazelnuts. Hazelnut varieties and hazelnut paste have been received. Nobody can sell non-quality hazelnuts under the name of ‘Giresun quality’. We have established a control mechanism. We control the whole market. 50 commercial firms have obtained a certificate of authorization from us. We claim actually Giresun. We are obliged to protect the product produced by Giresun.”

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