First in Turkiye! Manisa’s Akhisar district establishes olive oil licensed warehouse

Akhisar Commodity Exchange will complete the missing piece of the olive oil supply chain. With the licensed warehouse approved by the Ministry of Trade, the traceability of olives and olive oil will increase, and adulteration will be prevented.

Upon the application of Akhisar Commodity Exchange, the Ministry of Trade approved the establishment of “Akhisar Commodity Exchange Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing Inc.”.

Thanks to the licensed warehousing system, which ensures that agricultural products are brought into the economy and stored in the best conditions, the olive oil supply chain from producer to consumer will be more robust.

Alper Alhat – Bilge Ağaç Dergisi
Alper Alhat

Akhisar Commodity Exchange Chair of the Board Alper Alhat said that permission has been obtained for a licensed warehouse in olive oil and that the first facility to be established will be an olive oil licensed warehouse. Stating that waste and deterioration are the soft belly of licensed warehouses, Alhat stated that they prefer to start their first investment with olive oil where these risks are the least. Alhat also said that they are planning a green olive plant right after that.

Akhisar will set an example!

Indicating that Akhisar is doing its part with hardworking olive farmers and olive oil mills, Alhat said, “We have come a long way in obtaining delicious and healthy high-grade olive oil, but if the olive oil produced in a few months of the year cannot be stored under suitable conditions until it is packaged, some problems may arise in terms of quality and food safety. In addition, the temporary excess supply experienced during the harvest period also causes injustices such as the fact that the product is cheaper than the farmer. The licensed warehouse we will establish will set an example for other regions and these problems will become history as it becomes widespread throughout the country.”

Producers will be happy…

Akhisar Commodity Exchange Chair of the Board Alper Alhat underlined that they aim to complete the warehouse installations at international standards in a short time and explained, “The licensed warehousing system, which eliminates the obligation to dispose of the product in the harvest season, when the purchase prices fall due to the seasonal excess supply, provides healthy and safe storage as well as some encouraging advantages of the state. It will also make the producer happy.”

Advantageous in every way!

Alhat pointed out that licensed warehousing is in the interests of the farmer in all aspects and continued as follows:

“With the withholding, rent, analysis and transportation support provided by the state, farmers will be exempt from many expenses. With the opportunity to sell their products whenever they want, they will be able to earn higher income compared to the harvest period when the supply is intense.”

Those who make hit and run can no longer deal damage!

Emphasizing that Akhisar Commodity Exchange Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing will be able to supply the product it needs throughout the year without loss of quality and safely, Alhat concluded, “Balancing the product supply and demand in the market will prevent sudden price fluctuations and the speculative gains of hit and run players that harm the sector. Thus, it will be ensured that the desired value-added works both in the domestic market and abroad will increase and the brand value of our country’s olive oil will develop.”

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