Table tomato harvest began in Eskisehir which is one of Turkey’s most important agricultural centers. The producer, who was adversely affected by the weather conditions and the pandemic, is suffering from the sale of table tomatoes, which sold at 4-5 liras in the market, but for 1 lira in the field.

The harvest started for table tomatoes which were adversely affected by weather conditions such as frost and hail, early in the production process.

Tomato, which was also affected by the increasing input prices during the pandemic period, has weighed the producer down this season. Table tomatoes, which are sold for only a lira in the field, increase exorbitantly when it comes to the market and are sold to citizens for 4-5 liras. Many producers, whose annual labour is buried in the field against prices, react to sales prices that do not cover their expenses.

Prices are low though the supply decreases…

Speaking on the subject, Tepebaşı District Chamber of Agriculture Chairman Süleyman Buluşan said that they had difficulties in tomato production this year.

Buluşan said, “Our tomato season has started in 2020. Weather conditions are very important for us when we produce outdoors. Besides, we grew this tomato first with an extremely hot weather, then frost and finally with hail.
Although yield in our region has decreased very much this year, our prices in tomatoes are still low.”

Touching on the prices of the field and markets, Buluşan noted, “As always, tomatoes are 1 lira in the field, 2 or 2.5 liras in the market booth. But it is sold for 4 liras in chain markets.”

“We do not protect the rights of the producers. We continue to feed our consumers expensive,” Buluşan added…

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