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Due to rising energy costs, Europe’s leading fertilizer factories have begun to close. The world’s largest producer, the Norwegian “Yara” company, reduced production by 50 percent. Britain’s largest “CF Fertilisers” has temporarily suspended all production. Two other major fertilizer producers in Poland also announced that they will cease operations at the beginning of the week.

Beata Ptaszynska-Jedynak

While the fertilizer used to increase productivity is critical for agricultural production, the carbon dioxide released during the production process has a wide range of uses from beer to soft drinks. In fact, the CO2 taken from these facilities is used in hospitals and slaughterhouses in many European countries. Now, with the closure of factories, the beer and carbonated beverage industry is particularly worried.

Poland’s third-largest brewer, Carlsberg Polska, told news site POLITICO that they will halt production and other producers will do the same. Beata Ptaszyńska-Jedynak, spokesperson for the company, said: “Few people realize that carbon dioxide is a byproduct of fertilizer making. This product cannot be stocked for a long time and we only have a few days in reserve. So in a few days we will stop production and others will have to do the same.”

Emma McClarkin


Ptaszyńska-Jedynak explained that the disruption had wider implications beyond beer and soft drinks, as CO2 is also needed in the production of dry ice, which is essential for the transportation of food. Fertilizer factories, which have high energy demand, are among the first industries in Europe to stop production due to the surging costs because of the Ukraine war. Emma McClarkin, President of the British Beer and Bar Association, also warned that there may be a shortage of beer due to the closures and called for the government to take measures for the supply of CO2.

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