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Ferhat Gürüz: Let’s produce properly and consume more

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Ferhat Gürüz, Chairperson of the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (AYMSİB) said that they think if Türkiye’s annual citrus consumption per capita is 25-30 kg, their production can find value without loss.

Ferhat Gürüz

“In order to develop varieties that are resistant to climatic conditions, resistant to diseases and higher yielding varieties, we should continue R&D investments and use the power of technology and scientific advances. Thus, we can ensure food security for future generations,” he said.

Pointing out that along with “If We Do Not Produce, We Will Perish”, he explained, “We should also emphasise the slogan “Let’s Produce Properly, Let’s Consume More”, our ultimate goal is to realise environmentally friendly production that is free of pesticide residues, worthy of human health and observing the ecological balance.”Med

“In January, we exported the most to Russia, Iraq and Romania”

Indicating that the country’s exports of fresh fruit and vegetables in January according to product groups and countries, he added, “In the first month of the year, we evaluated 531 thousand 998 tonnes of products in international markets. Tangerine ranked first in the list of products we exported the most with an increase of 6 percent and a value of 98.7 million dollars. This was followed by tomatoes with an increase of 18 percent and a value of 60.4 million dollars, and lemon with an increase of 15 percent and a value of 37.3 million dollars.”

“When we analyse the countries to which we exported the most in the said period, Russia, Iraq and Romania were the markets where we reached the highest values. We exported 81.9 million dollars to Russia, 48.8 million dollars to Iraq and 31.3 million dollars to Romania,” he concluded…

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