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FaturaLab and Agrio Announce Strategic Partnership to Launch “Sustainable Supply Chain Finance” programme Through Vertical Trade Finance Tools…

Istanbul, Türkiye, 15.09.2023

FaturaLab, Türkiye’s leading Supply Chain Finance platform and Agrio, experts in sustainable agriculture finance, are thrilled to announce a landmark partnership. This cooperation aims to knit together the entire agriculture value chain—from the initial seeds sown in the ground to the tables they ultimately grace. 

Emre Aydın

The programme’s target is to accelerate access to credit for companies committed to sustainable development and be a delivery channel for sustainability focused creditors where automated SFDR*, impact and carbon reporting helps actors to comply umbrella frameworks such as Green Deal.  

SFDR: https://www.eurosif.org/policies/sfdr/  ,

Green Deal: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/green-deal/

FaturaLab: A Trailblazer in Supplier Financing 

“With this strategic partnership, we look to extend the scope of our services far beyond traditional supplier financing,” says Emre Aydın [CEO of FaturaLab]. “By collaborating with Agrio, we’re not just adding new links to the financial chain; we’re fundamentally changing the game for sustainability in the food and agriculture sectors.” 

Agrio: The Missing Piece in a Seamless Financial Ecosystem 

Pointing out that Agrio’s unique proposition lies in its ability to provide agricultural businesses and farmers with access to green credit lines and alternative financial solutions, Umut Gökçen Yılmaz [CEO of Agrio] adds, “Our focus on reducing carbon emissions and achieving net-zero targets complements FaturaLab’s robust, customer-centric digital platform.” 

Umut Gökçen Yılmaz

What Does This Partnership Mean? 

Sustainable Finance with a Twist: The multi-banking strategy championed by both FaturaLab and Agrio ensures that credit lines remain accessible, underpinning financial resilience across the supply chain. 

Novel Income Streams for Farmers: In line with international sustainability trends, the partnership looks to create innovative income opportunities for farmers. 

Broad Impact: The vertical coalition formed through this partnership will have a ripple effect, contributing to growth in trade and heightened environmental consciousness. 

Compliance by Design: The partnership is designed for seamless compliance with key sustainability frameworks, including the Green Deal, CBAM, and SFDR, ensuring both social and environmental governance is built-in from the ground up.

What’s Next? 

For a front-row seat to this transformative journey from Seed to Table, follow us on Linkedin. Stay tuned for updates that will guide the way forward in sustainable agricultural finance. 

For More Information 

To delve deeper into this collaborative voyage, please reach out to us, and our team will get in touch with you. 

About FaturaLab  FaturaLab is a leading financing platform based in Türkiye, with over $2.5 billion worth of invoices have been discounted in 3 years. Having 27 different financial institutions integrated on the platform, transacting with over 1000 corporates, FaturaLab offers buyer & seller led programs, full scale dynamic discounting, embedded finance capability and deep tier financing option to its members. FaturaLab had developed unique alternatives in managing working capital such as dynamic all-round pricing, effective funder management & embedded payment term extension tools.  

About Agrio 

Agrio is a Climate FinTech company building an ESG Screening Data Platform & Impact driven digital asset economy to decrease the cost of lending to Agriculture and Food value chain actors. In total, Agrio directly contacts 300 thousand farmers by collaborating with approximately 100 cooperatives, contracted farming companies and input distributors assisting them with an additional payment capacity based on sustainability principles. Agrio works to shape the future of agriculture sustainability, especially by effectively using digital transformation and data analytics.

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