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UN considers millet production as a solution to food crisis…

The United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) drew attention to the need for the world to focus on millet agriculture within the framework of the search for a solution to the drought and food crisis in the world.

Stating that millet has been grown for centuries in many parts of the world, Fen Beed, one of the FAO officials, said, “Many countries should now go back to their agricultural roots and reconsider what they can produce as an alternative to what they import.”

According to FAO sources, the rate of cultivation of millet varieties, which currently has a share of less than 3 percent in the world grain trade, is increasing rapidly in many countries with the support and investments of the organization in arid regions.

World Food Programme Spokesperson Tatenda Macheka said in a statement that millet farming “helps reduce food insecurity” in countries with food problems such as Zimbabwe.

Millet, which can be grown easily even in arid and unfavourable soils and has many types, is a healthy alternative to grains whose supply has become a problem for many countries due to epidemics, droughts and wars.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization declared 2023 the “year of millet” due to concerns over the world food supply…

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