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Press release…

Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association Chairperson Birol Celep said that dried apricot exports reached 258 million dollars with an increase of 13,7 percent, the USA came first in dried apricots and Germany in dried figs.

Celep said, “We experienced surges in our traditional markets, 27 percent in the USA and up to 40 percent in European countries. Our exports rose by 49 percent to the Netherlands, 41 percent to Italy, and 43 percent to Poland. The UK is 29 percent, Egypt 19 percent, UAE 16 percent, Brazil 8 percent. We aim to reach 300 million dollars in dried apricot exports. As for dried fig exports, Germany maintains its first place with an increase of 4 percent and 30 million dollars. Our exports to the Netherlands, Finland and Austria went up by 40 percent. We increased our dried fig exports to the USA by 8 percent and reached 28 million dollars. Egypt is 32 percent, the United Kingdom is where we showed a 25 percent increase. We will reach 250 million dollars in dried figs, which was 207 million dollars until the current period, and reach 1 billion dollars in the export of seedless raisins, dried apricots and dried figs.”

Asia’s weight goes up!

Stating that Asia’s weight has escalated in dried fruit exports from the start of the season to this time, Celep explained, “We experienced significant rises in raisins to the Philippines, South Korea, India, Pakistan and Singapore. We increased our exports of dried apricots to Asian and Oceania countries by 19 percent. Australia 3 percent, China 19 percent, India and Hong Kong 44 percent, Japan 43 percent where we made progress. In dried figs, Japan ranks first with an increase of 7 percent, with 6 million dollars. In addition, we advanced 25 percent in South Korea, 44 percent in Malaysia, 28 percent in New Zealand and 19 percent in Singapore.”

“Furthermore, Turkey is one of the largest suppliers of organic food. Our country is known in the world as a reliable exporter of all its products,” Celep added…

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