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Export journey of Superior Seedless variety table grapes kicks off!

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Export journey of Superior Seedless variety table grapes started on 11 July!

The export journey of Superior Seedless grape, which is preferred by diabetic patients due to its low sugar content, one of the important export products of the Aegean Region and stands out as an early variety among table grape varieties, started on Thursday, 11 July 2024.

Hayrettin Uçak

Stating that around 60 thousand growers in the Manisa-İzmir-Denizli triangle cultivate grapes on 1 million 100 thousand decares of land, Hayrettin Uçak, Head of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association, said that the homeland of many grape species is Anatolia and that they bring 700-750 million dollars in foreign currency to the country with fresh, dried and finished grape exports.

Pointing out that the grapes became ready for consumption 15 days earlier this year due to climate change, Uçak said, “Superior grape is the most exported fresh table grape type after sultani seedless grapes and red globe grapes. In 2023, there was a historical low yield. In 2024, our yield is at a better point. In 2023, we aim to exceed 150 million dollars in fresh table grape exports, which is 135 million dollars and to reach an export figure of 10 million dollars from Superior Seedless grapes. I wish a productive season for our producers and exporters.”

In 2023, while the Russian Federation stands out with 2.5 million dollars in the export of Superior Seedless grapes, 750 thousand dollars to Ukraine, 340 thousand dollars to Saudi Arabia…

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