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What started with the Dutch has spread to Germany, Poland, and now Italy as farmers collectively rise up to protest their governments’ destructive climate policies that threaten livelihoods and the global food supply.

Earlier this week, German farmers joined up with the Dutch to blockade a roundabout in Heerenberg on the German-Netherlands border in protest of the Netherlands’ nitrogen emissions cap policy that will lead to mass job loss across the country.

Meanwhile, Dutch farmers, apparently with the assistance of German farmers, have closed off an airport in Holland.

Collaboration between the two groups began last week when Germany aided the Dutch in a slow roll to shut down the German-Netherlands border close to De Lutte.

Polish farmers have also joined the fight in their own country, marching in the streets in Warsaw against their government’s policies.

“That’s enough. We won’t let ourselves be robbed,” one protester can be heard shouting into a megaphone.

The Dutch protests have also caught the eye of Poland Agriculture Institute director Monika Prezeworska, who says the government needs to be aware of what’s happening, adding that the Dutch government is treating farmers like “terrorists.”

“Shooting at tractors of protesting farmers in the Netherlands represents a new level reached by Western democracy,” she stated.

The shooting that Prezeworska refers to happened late on Tuesday night when a Dutch police officer shot at an unarmed teenager who was leaving the protest and posed no apparent to the officer — the officer has since gone into hiding.

Police are claiming the teen attempted to ram into officers with his tractor, but video from the scene tells a very different story.

Italian farmers have since joined the fight, having had enough of their own country’s insane climate policies.

“We are not slaves: we are farmers!” one farmer can be heard hollering at a slow roll. The farmer then tells the other farmers that they should “go to Rome!”

By Thomas Lambert

Source: www.thecountersignal.com

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