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Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists (TGAJ) has made a call for holding an international Forum in coordination with IFAJ (International Federation of Agricultural Journalists) particularly addressing to Eurasian and Balkan countries agricultural journalists…

Dear colleagues…

Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists (TGAJ) is organizing the Eurasian and Balkan Countries Agricultural Journalists Forum between 04 – 08 November 2019 in Antalya.

This event will be held in coordination with IFAJ as usual.

All expenses (accommodations, meals and transfers) excluding air fares will be covered by host organization, Growtech 19. International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technology and Livestock Equipment Fair (to be held 27 – 30 November 2019 in Antalya).

The programme will comprise three full days and four nights (04 November Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights).

That means 04 November (Monday) arriving and 08 November (Friday) leaving days.

On the first day (05 November Tuesday) we will have the Forum.

On second and third days (06 November Wednesday and 07 November Thursday) we will visit farms, greenhouses and orchards. Meanwhile we will be participating in some meetings to be held by Chamber of Agriculture, Commodity Exchange and/or Association of Mediterranean Exporters.

Antalya is a leading agricultural province in Turkey by the way. In particular greenhouses along with production of fresh fruits and vegetables are remarkable.

On the other hand Antalya is a prominent touristic region as well that attracts 14 million of tourists from all over the world. I hope we have an opportunity to enjoy swimming at that time.

Dear friends, I would like to note that it is not required being a national from Eurasian and Balkan countries (23 countries). We may host around 50 colleagues so it doesn’t matter whether or not Eurasian or Balkan journalist.

Details of the programme will be determined in a short time.

Kind regards…

İsmail Uğural

President of TGAJ

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