The global pandemic has revealed once again the most basic needs of people. The main element of living, the agriculture industry rises in importance increasingly.

Agriculture strikes as one of the leading sectors in the Turkish economy. Our country has substantial potential in agriculture. Turkey ranks 1st in Europe and 7th  in the world in agricultural production. 

Our country also ranks 2nd in Europe and 4th in the world in greenhouse cultivation. As these figures show, agriculture is the backbone of national development, which makes our farmers one of the most important elements in our living. The major exporting and marketing platform of the Turkish agriculture industry, Growtech is reuniting buyers with our industry and takes pride in being the leading trade platform of the Turkish agriculture industry.

Our farmers now encounter many challenges due to the pandemic and increased input costs in agriculture. We wish a more efficient and effective year for all our farmers, who have been standing against these and all kinds of difficulties. In this context, we took part as a strategic business partner at the World Farmers Day Summit held by AGRO TV and Webagron, where the agenda regarding our farmers was discussed. We held a very valuable organization where comments and suggestions of the important names of the sector were shared with both our farmers and the public.

We all have to eat to keep living. The agricultural industry will maintain its importance as long as mankind exists. The first thing protected by the people against disaster has always been the need for food.
At the onset of the pandemic, all the people around the world first made a run for the markets to pile up food. As the impacts of the pandemic began to mitigate, the war between Russia and Ukraine erupted to take the world by storm again. These two countries meet a substantial portion of the world’s need for sunflowers, wheat, and barley.

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For example, while around 30% of Turkey’s sunflower need is met by these two countries, Germany is importing 90% of its sunflower need despite being the world’s largest fourth economy.
Agriculture has become of secondary importance as industrial societies thrived. However, I believe that these crises have once again reminded the importance of agriculture to the whole world. With increased interest in agriculture, all societies have now started to give even more weight to the methods of more effective and sustainable agriculture.

We feel excited to reunite the international agriculture experts at Antalya Anfaş Exhibition Center on 23-26 November for the 21st time this year at Growtech, the world’s largest greenhouse agriculture exhibition.

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In 2021, we managed to gather under a single roof 53.640 international agriculture experts from 125 countries and 510 companies from 25 countries. This means an increase of 26 percent in the number of visitors compared to our preceding exhibition organized in 2019 prior to the outbreak of the global pandemic.
Our exhibitors can reach out to their target markets through Growtech. Buyers from all around the world can find the exact product and solutions at Growtech to improve their business relations. The highest number of visitors in 2021 included Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan while the Netherlands, Spain, and Hungary exhibited the latest products and technologies at special country pavilions.
Agricultural journalists, alongside our exhibitors and visitors, also showed great interest in Growtech. 23 agricultural journalists from 16 countries attended Growtech to keep up with the global agricultural industry and make special meetings.

In the wake of a successful 2021, we are thrilled to prepare for Growtech 2022. This year, we are concentratedly getting ready for the visitors from Africa and South America, the main target markets of exhibitors. In addition to an exhibition experience of a 4-day pack, Growtech is also getting prepared for several new projects. For instance, we will be organizing an event on 25th May at the Faculty of Agriculture of Akdeniz University in cooperation with and hosted by Akdeniz University. “Growtech @ Campus” aims at enabling students to take different and professional approaches, discover their own qualities, get a chance to view their careers from an external perspective, steer their professional lives, learn about the job application processes, know the companies, and make conscious decisions.

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