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E-commerce market will reach 6.5 trillion dollars in 2022…

Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EİB) Koordinator Jak Eskinazi said the e-commerce sector can grow rapidly with SMEs (Small and medium enterprises), which are the backbone of the economy and that e-export will develop with the transition of SMEs to e-commerce.

Eskinazi said, “The e-commerce market in the world is expected to reach 6.5 trillion dollars in 2022. We should definitely seize this opportunity. Especially with the use of social networks in e-commerce and the creation of sales channels, we now talk about s-commerce, that is, social commerce. Social media will continue to grow in the coming years as a force that increases e-commerce sales.”

Indicating that they should use contents suitable for the current world conditions and include consumers in their brand story, Eskinazi stated, “Turkey, thanks to strong virus measures taken since the beginning against the epidemic, through the skills to manage the process and the new methods developed in trade, has been one of the countries drawn attention during crisis.”

“Despite the current period in which global economy has been struck heavily by the outbreak, Turkish economy grew by 6.7 percent in the third quarter. Social distance technologies are now at the top of the world, according to the Hype Cycle 2020 chart, which gives serious predictions about technology trends every year,” Eskinazi noted.

EİB’s digital agenda is intense: Virtual foreign trade delegations, digital company visits, virtual fairs…

Disclosing that Aegean Exporters’ Association has been a pioneer in digital exhibitions both in Turkey and the world, Eskinazi explained, “We organized virtual sectoral trade delegations to the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and our works continue for the European market.”

“We organized a digital company visit event and a business forum to Bavaria, the world’s most important Industry 4.0 region. Blockchain technology is now used everywhere, in all industries, supply chains and logistics around the world. We established Sustainability, Blockchain and Digital transformation working groups at the beginning of 2020. We want to digitize and accelerate our Associations’ services and activities and that our members become important players in the digital ecosystem,” Eskinazi added.

“That’s why we create a trading platform for our associations’ members and plan training programmes. In this way, the labour and effort of our women exporters have a special place for us. On the Women’s at Work front, we support the establishment of the Izmir Circle of the ‘Binyaprak (one thousand leaves) Women’ at Work digital experience platform. We will produce a special content where our women exporters will share their experiences and implement a mentoring program that will guide those who want to export,” Eskinazi concluded…


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