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Producers in Thrace, one of the important grain production centres of Türkiye, will sow wheat seeds on dry land this year as they did last year due to drought.

Hüseyin Arabacı

Thrace farmers, who entered the sowing period in wheat, could not carry out the pre-sowing tillage work as required due to insufficient rainfall.

Farmers waiting for rainfall to make the soil ready for sowing have started preparations for sowing on dry soil this year due to insufficient rainfall.

Hüseyin Arabacı, head of Edirne Chamber of Agriculture, said that there has been a serious drought in the province for the last 2 years.

Stating that the seed sowing work was difficult due to unfavourable weather conditions, Arabacı said:

Ekrem Şaylan

“There is no precipitation in a short time, so sowing will be done in drought again. The sowing period has come. Many producers will start sowing in a short time. I hope that the rains will come and germinate the wheat. We hope that it will be a fertile year with regular rainfall.”

Ekrem Şaylan, Head of Kırklareli Chamber of Agriculture, stated that despite the arrival of autumn, extreme drought continues in the province.

Reminding that wheat seeds were planted in dry soil last year due to the effect of drought, Şaylan also noted that wheat had a good process with the effect of rainy and cold weather.

İmdat Saygı

İmdat Saygı, Head of Tekirdağ Chamber of Agriculture, stated that there was a drought this year that no one expected.

Stating that the drought affected both the yield and the planting process, Saygı added, “Drought and lack of rainfall caused a decrease in the yield of the products. There is still no rain after the harvest. If it does not rain, sowing will be done on dry soil. Then the farmer will wait to see if it will rain.”

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