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The drying process of tomatoes, which will be exported from Türkiye’s southeastern province Diyarbakır to various European countries, especially to the USA, France and Italy, started in the fields on the slopes of Karacadağ region.

On the outskirts of Karacadağ between Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa provinces, tomatoes to be consumed in the foreign market are collected and prepared for drying. Ismail Melek, one of the tomato producers, pointed out that the brixson of the tomatoes they produce and dry are very high and they are of high quality and said that an average of 100 tonnes of tomatoes are cut per day and approximately 40 thousand tonnes of tomatoes are harvested in total.

Producer İsmail Melek stated that most of our dried tomatoes are sent to European countries such as America, Italy, France and Germany and that they expect an export of 80 million euros from 26,000 decares of tomatoes this year.

On the other hand, Diyarbakir Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, Mustafa Ertan Atalar, explained that Diyarbakir has a very favourable climate for drying tomatoes and added that the products dried in 3 days are exported to places where pizza is consumed exceedingly, especially Italy…

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