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Dr. Ramazan Ayranci: we have early harvest of cereals in central Anatolia

Kırşehir Ahi Evran University (KAEÜ) Faculty of Agriculture Deputy Dean and Agricultural Research and Application Centre Farm Director Dr. Ramazan Ayrancı said that Kırşehir is one of the important production centers of dry farming in the Central Anatolia Region, 350 thousand decares of wheat is planted in the city…

Expressing that there are few areas of irrigated agriculture throughout the province Ayrancı, mainly in the dry agricultural areas of barley and wheat sown that these products have come to the harvesting stage.

This year, the increase in temperature and partial decrease in humidity brings about drought and temperature stress in the region, Ayrancı noted, “The situation in question, the maturation of the plants also pulled back early. Normally wheat around Kırşehir or Central Anatolia should come to the maturity of harvest in July. But in the middle of June, dry farming in many arid regions reached yellow maturity. Therefore, in some regions began to harvest in agricultural land of our university. Here we see the effect of early maturity in early crops.”

Kırşehir and Central Anatolia in the normal course of precipitation continued until February, but the amount of rainfall in March, April and May remained under the average for many years, emphasizing that Ayranci, “Three months, 56 percent of the missing rainfall occurred. When we evaluate the temperature as 3 months 15 percent temperature increase compared to the average for many years. This development has brought early maturation.”

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