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The occupancy rates of dams in Istanbul region have dropped to 20 percent, the lowest level in the last 10 years.

Stating that the effects of climate change are increasing, Meteorology expert Professor Dr. Orhan Şen said, “Turkey will be a water-poor country in 2030. While entering the summer, occupancy rates of Istanbul dams should be at least 60-70 percent level.”

“However after the air temperatures in Istanbul were above seasonal norms and the months without precipitation, the occupancy rates in the dams decreased to the lowest level of the last 10 years,” Dr. Şen noted.

According to the data of the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI), the occupancy rate of dams in Istanbul dropped to the level of 20.93 percent at present.

Indicating that the effects of climate change are increasing due to the withdrawal of water from the dams and global warming, Meteorology Specialist Dr. Şen warned, “The annual amount of water per capita in Turkey is one thousand 700 hundred cubic meters. But now it is starting to fall below one thousand cubic meters and will decrease to 700 cubic meters by 2030.”

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