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Expert warning: “Sugar is a product to be controlled, not avoided”

Commenting on sugar consumption, Professor Dr. Murat Baş said that sugar is not a food to be feared, but a food to be controlled. “We don’t need to avoid sugar, we need to manage sugar.”

Acıbadem University, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and President of the Gastroenterology Dietitian Association, Professor Dr. Murat Baş made statements about balanced and healthy nutrition.

Dr. Murat Baş

“Today we don’t divide food into good or bad”

Emphasizing that a healthy diet is the personal planning of the energy, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats that we need to take daily and adapting them to daily life both for the purpose of protection from diseases and for weight control, Baş said, “Broadly speaking, in today’s world we avoid dividing food into good and bad foods. Because the important thing is to stick to a healthy diet within the plan of healthy eating.”

“What matters is how much you stick to a healthy diet. Doing so will increase your chances of tolerating your favourite foods that you may occasionally add to your diet plan,” he added…

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