With the increasing interest in open milk nowadays, it has brought many questions. Professor Dr. Harun Uysal, Deputy Head of İzmir Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture, Dairy Technologies Department lecturer, warned about not consuming the open cheese. Dr. Uysal said that packaged milk should be consumed instead of boiling milk.

Dr. Harun Uysal stated that dairy products are foods open to fraud. Referring to the tricks made in cheese, Dr. Uysal said, “Dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt are very open to tricks.”

Dr. Uysal also noted, “While fresh cheese should be obtained from milk, milk-free cheeses are made. They add margarine and starch to achieve its yellow color. Then, by adding water and salt to this mixture, cheese is prepared. The consumer also needs to be careful while buying cheeses called toast cheese. It is obtained from antibiotic milk, which is forbidden to be used in these cheeses.”

“Do not buy cheese sold in open markets”

Pointing out that cheeses sold in open markets are dangerous for health, Dr. Uysal explained, “Fresh white cheese sold in the markets is very dangerous. These are produced from raw milk. Cheese produced from raw milk should be stored in the cold storage facilities for at least 60 days. If fresh cheese is to be purchased, it should be bought from the chain markets. Because packaged cheese is produced for food safety.”

“Packaged milk to be preferred instead of boiled milk”

Indicating that especially people with babies prefer boiling milk instead of packaged milk, but healthy milk is packaged milk in reality, Dr. Uysal added, “Consumers think that there is a cheating in packaged milk and they boil the milk at home. Besides they believe that there are additives in packed milk. Nothing like that, consumers can consume packaged milk with peace of mind. They can even drink to their children and babies.”

“The packaging of packed milk consists of six layers. In order for milk to enter the packaging, a hospital environment and an operating environment are created and filled in such a way. No air passage and microorganism passage is provided,” Dr. Uysal concluded…

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