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High premium expectation in cotton production…

Cotton farmer wants a premium of 1.25 TL…

Cotton producers expect 1.25 liras premium per kg as for one of the most important agricultural products of Menemen (a county of Izmir) and also Turkish economy.

Producers already declared that premium of 0.80 liras announced in 2018 will be insufficent for this year and said that the figure would be over 1 lira and that they were expecting 1.25 liras.

Menemen Chamber of Commerce Chairman İzzet Süsoy said, “56 thousand tons of cotton was produced in our region. In general we have four million tons of cotton production capacity but only 850-950 thousand tons produced. While only the textile sector needs 1.5 million tons of cotton, producing around 950 thousand tons makes us obliged to import. ”

Süsoy said that this year cotton premium is expected to be 1.25 liras per kilogram, “We think that this figure will be an important step in support of the producer. Supporting producers and thus the production of a valuable product such as cotton makes a great economic contribution to our region and our country. We, as Menemen Chamber of Commerce, always go along with our farmers” he added.

Should be over 1 lira…

Menemen Chamber of Agriculture Chairman Metin Karagöl stated that cotton prices are low due to the global crises and premium in this sense is important for producers. Expressing that the necessary means of production before and after the machine harvesting requires an expensive investment, Karagöl clarified: “Unfortunately, the prices of diesel, fertilizer and medicinal are very high. In this sense, the premium is very important for the producer. This year has not been announced yet, but we expect the support premium above a lira. Cultivation is a very difficult and tiring, but also an expensive activity. For this reason, if the premium figure is announced as soon as possible, the producer can see the way.”

Only 70 percent of 2018 premiums have been paid..

Izmir Commodity Exchange Board Member Şeref İyuyarlar said that cotton producers are now very pessimistic because of having paid only 70 percent of 2018 premiums, leaving the producer in a difficult situation during the period of agrochemicals and hoeing. Stressing the current market stagnation and what might happen next year, rising costs in 2019 due to the rise of the dollar, in contrast, cotton prices are going back, emphasizing the İyiuyarlar concluded, “Cotton premiums should be announced urgently and the premium price should be 1.25 TL per kilogram. The farmer will be prepared for planting next year after harvesting in October. Our region cannot make sustainable plant except cotton. Since this is the source of livelihood for the local people, these problems should be resolved as soon as possible. Cotton is an industrial product. In order to ensure stability in this respect, production policies should be stable and guide us.”

İzzet Süsoy

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