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Due to the increasing coal prices with the energy crisis in the world, people have turned to alternative fuel. Pine nut shells took place among the most popular fuels in western Türkiye’s province of Aydın’s Koçarlı and Karpuzlu districts. The shells of pine nuts, whose fruit competes with gold, make the producer smile as the most valuable fuel.

In order to meet the heating needs of the residences in the winter and the workplaces that produce by burning ovens for 12 months of the year, they gave up the coal with rising prices and started to burn the pine nut shells in order to meet their energy needs. The appreciation of pine nut shells, which are also very valuable in terms of calories, boosted both the value of the villager’s product and the income item of the enterprises. It was also stated that this fuel is both environmentally friendly and more economical than the expensive coal.

Local people, who reminded that billions of dollars of money go abroad due to imported coal every year, stressed that they prefer to burn the pine nut shell, which is the domestic fuel.

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