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According to the farmer; Climate change is the biggest threat!

One of the sectors most affected by global warming and climate change is the agricultural sector. A study conducted in 13 countries revealed that 98 percent of farmers in Türkiye see climate change as the biggest threat. Farmers state that climate change is affecting the financial sustainability of their businesses.

According to the research titled “Farmers and Digitisation” conducted by Vodafone Group in 13 countries, including Türkiye, while farmers say that digital technologies are the key to productivity and sustainability, they need support to use more digital tools due to increasing environmental and economic pressures.

As 98 percent of the farmers participating in the research from Türkiye, which shows that climate change is the leading threat faced by farmers, state that climate change affects the financial sustainability of their farms.

Support is essential for digitalization in agriculture!

Evaluating the research, Vodafone Türkiye Deputy Chief Executive Officer Özlem Kestioğlu said:

“Today, issues such as climate change pose a great threat to the future of the agricultural sector. Digital technologies play an important role in preventing this threat. While it is positive to see farmers starting to embrace digital solutions, more needs to be done to ensure full adoption of sensitive data-driven agriculture.”

“According to our new research, which includes Türkiye, it is vital that companies and the public sector work together so that farmers have the digital technologies, information and education they need. Efforts need to be made to increase farmers’ access to digital technologies, cloud solutions and data services,” she added…

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