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Double happiness in chestnut export. Turkey’s chestnut exports soared by 31 percent from 5 thousand 164 tonnes to 6 thousand 781 tonnes in the January-November period of 2021, while the amount of foreign exchange obtained from chestnuts increased by 79 percent from 13.2 million dollars to 23.7 million dollars.

Hayrettin Uçak

Turkish chestnut was exported with 36 percent more value added in foreign currency in 2021 and was purchased for 930 dollars per tonne higher.

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (EYMSİB) Chairperson Hayrettin Uçak said that while Turkish chestnuts were exported for 2 thousand 560 dollars per tonne in 2020, the export price went up to 3 thousand 490 dollars in 2021.

Uçak said, “Aegean exporters received an 84 percent share of Turkey’s chestnut export with 20 million dollars and as we set an export figure of 50 million dollars at the beginning of season, we are taking firm steps towards our export target.”

Emphasizing that Aydın is the first province in Turkey in chestnut production, Uçak underlined that the quality of chestnuts is extremely favourable for export this year.

Uçak noted, “The quality of our chestnut reflects positively on export figures. We are experiencing a season in which both our producers and exporters smile. Our producer found a buyer for his chestnuts around 40 TL.”

84 percent of Turkish chestnuts were exported from the Aegean…

In the two-month period after the start of the chestnut export season on October 1, 2021, Turkey exported 6 thousand 781 tonnes of chestnuts and obtained a foreign exchange income of 23 million 675 thousand dollars. A slice of 19 million 933 thousand dollars of this export was made from the Aegean Region.

“While Italy demands to the majority of Turkish chestnuts with 19 million 221 thousand dollars, chestnuts were exported to Germany for 1.6 million dollars and to the Netherlands for 523 thousand dollars,” Uçak added…

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