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Yüksel Tavşan, Chairperson of the Turkish Wholesalers’ Federation (TURKHAL), said that 5 chain markets and 10 thousands stores collect the crop of fruit and vegetable producers at the price they want and thus there is a risk that they will seize the all production.

Tavşan said, “If Turkiye is left to 5 market groups along with 10 thousands stores, this will not be true. I am claiming that they can take over the production. We have a production of nearly 60 million tonnes of vegetables and fruit, 95 percent of which is in small producers. These small producers can have great difficulty in marketing. Because they have the power to buy the goods of the producer at the price they wish.”


Indicating that the prices of vegetables and fruits are more expensive in Europe than in Turkiye, Tavşan explained, “The purchasing power has decreased all over the world and therefore vegetables and fruits are much more expensive abroad. There is nothing cheaper than bananas. I would like to make a call that all citizens to shop cautiously before the upcoming month of Ramadan, in order to prevent speculative price increases like in sunflower oil and sugar, the citizen should keep what he or she consumes in normal times.”

Noting that the cold weather conditions also put a pressure on the prices, Tavşan added, “Unfortunately, something like this happens in Ramadan. The demand is very high while fasting. When the consumer suddenly boosts the demand, prices rise. We always warn consumers to pay attention to this at the beginning of Ramadan Feast. The consumer should not come to the price game. I believe that if the weather conditions get hot, vegetables and fruit could not at be such prices.”

Stating that 8-10 products such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and lemons, which are indispensable for the kitchen, should be included in the scope of goverment supports and a price balance should be established, Tavşan concluded, “If we want the people to have purchasing power, the producers must be supported. Prices will be at a stable level accordingly. In this country, how much should the citizen eat onion-potato and this should be planned from production to consumption. Farmers should not be worried about the future either. They shouldn’t be worried whether or not to sell their crops. Producers should be protected here, perhaps with an insurance system similar to the base price.”

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