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Çeşme is rivaling Chios in mastic gum production!

Çeşme (a district of İzmir province) Municipality, which has rolled up its sleeves in order to bring the gum, which is obtained from 200 years of Gum trees, to the economy, aims to be a rival to Greece’s Chios Island.

Stating that the area of ​​chewing gum in Çeşme has been expanded and that the district has reached 20 thousand by planting hundreds of gum saplings in 5 years, Çeşme Mayor M. Ekrem Oran said, “We will compete with Chios, which has taken over the production of mastic gum worldwide!”

The number of gum trees, which was 300 in Çeşme 5 years ago, has exceeded 20 thousand. Approximately 350-500 grams of gum are obtained from each tree. The kilogram price of mastic gum varies between 1600 TL and 2000 TL. Expressing that the need for drop gum per year is around 10 tons, Mayor Oran said that most of this need was met by imports.

Emphasizing that when the trees become productive 10 years later, mastic gum demand to be supplied mostly from Çeşme, Oran noted, “We believe that we will market the mastic gum abroad very easily as our potential is large and we have a young population in terms of production. We aim to demolish the monopoly position of Chios in the world.”

Noting that only gum resin (mastic) has a market of around 20 million Euros worldwide, Oran added, “Experts point out that the income from derivatives, which includes gum oil, so the overall income of trees reaches 180 million Euros.”

Underlining that Çeşme Municipality took an action in order to have a say in mastic gum, Oran concluded, “Gum trees, which are grown in a very limited area in the world and used in many areas from health to cosmetics also have a strong economic input as well as their importance for human health. When we see the echo created by these initiatives in the Greek press, we see that we are on the right track.”

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