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Cereals, pulses and oil seeds industry raised targets for 2020…

The Aegean Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association left 2019 behind as the association that increased its exports the most, with 443 million 455 thousand dollars and an increase of 10 percent.

Mustafa Terci, Chairman of the Association, made a written assessment regarding the first half of 2020. Terci said that they started with an export increase of 27 percent in January worth of 43.5 million dollars and they exported 32.5 million dollars in February.

Terci said, “The global coronavirus epidemic, which started in China and spread to the world, once again showed that food, especially cereals and pulses, is of vital importance.

Turkey was one of the lucky countries with great potential. Despite the supply problems in logistics services in many products, especially food, we managed to soar our exports by 120 percent in March to 56 million dollars.”

Stating that measures taken against the epidemic by the Ministry and along with controlled transition in the border buffer zone application, contactless export and supports to producers in Turkey, Terci noted, “We have continued to send our products to many countries in the world.

In April 2020, we increased our exports by 15 percent to 43.5 million dollars and in May to 42 million dollars. We have had a very good performance in the last 6 months by setting a new record in June.”

Pointing out that in the month of June, while the cereals, pulses and oil seeds sector raised its exports to 47.7 million dollars with an export increase rate of 179 percent, Terci explained, “Exports in the last 1-year period exceeded 500 million dollars and reached 514 million dollars.

Vegetable oil was one of our export items with the highest increase with a rise of 350 percent in June.

In the first half of 2020 we have signed export of 3.4 billion dollars across Turkey. 985 million dollars of our exports were made of cereals, 556 million dollars were milling products and 472 million dollars were vegetable oils.

In addition, 356 million dollars were made up of food preparations, 287 million dollars of confectionery products, 274 million dollars of chocolate confectionery products, 208 million dollars of pulses, 146 million dollars of oil seeds, and 105 million dollars of pulses and animal feed.

In the last year, our exports increased by 32 percent and reached 514 million dollars.”

“As Aegean exporters, we reached our export target of 500 million dollars in in the first half of 2020. If this acceleration in our exports continues, we are targeting 600 million dollars this year,” Terci added.

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