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Turkey’s Tea Enterprises Directorate sold 132,000 tonnes of processed tea last year…

Rize, Turkey

Turkey’s state-owned tea company will export Matcha green tea powder to the US this March, said the company head.

“Exports to the US will start with 10,000 boxes, and will be increased on request,” Yusuf Ziya Alim, head of the Tea Enterprises Directorate (ÇaYKUR), told Anadolu Agency.

Stating that Caykur launched the green tea powder in 2019 and sold 4 tonnes, Alim said the figure rose to 6.5 tonnes in 2020.

The company will diversify packaging to attract more customers, he underlined.

ÇaYKUR last month sold 17,000 tonnes of tea to both domestic and international markets, Alim said.

“This is the highest January figure in the last two or three decades,” he added.

Noting that 132,000 tonnes of processed tea were sold last year, he stressed that this year they hope to hit 135,000 tonnes.

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