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Farmers of Beydağ (a district of İzmir province) have kicked off to caprify for figs, one of the important livelihoods of the district, in order to get the product to be more qualified and productive.

Fig producers started working to get quality products in the new season. Male figs collected from the fig trees are hung on the newly developed fig tree branches with nets. Tiny male figs take the pollen inside the sludge, enters the upper part of the fig that is formed and pollinating it. The caprification period takes about 2 weeks. After these practises, figs are expected to mature. Thus, quality figs are produced.

We have to do many things before getting the product…

Mayor of Beydağ Feridun Yılmazlar visited the “Caprification Bazaar” established in the district and listened to the problems of citizens and evaluated the market. Mayor Yılmazlar said, “Caprification is indispensable in the fig. When it comes time, it is necessary to hang on the fig trees one by one. Nowadays, it is time of caprification, our farmers are also hanging trees to grow quality figs.”

Stating that period of pollination is the period when the female fruit accepts the tiny male fig, Yılmazlar added, “In this period, when the tiny male fig enters the fig, it pollinates the female fig fruit with pollen on it.”


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