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Gemlik olive to become officially recognized product in EU, Türkiye’s industry minister says..


Türkiye’s industry and technology minister on Monday said the famous olives of northwestern Bursa province’s Gemlik district will soon get recognition from the EU.

“Gemlik olive has been registered in the Official Journal of the European Commission. As of May 28, this registration process will be completed. It will now become an officially recognized product in the EU,” Mustafa Varank said in a statement.

Gemlik olive

Varank recalled that they started a mobilization of international geographical indication in January to protect Türkiye’s local and regional values effectively at the international level, and added that the number of products registered in the EU will rise to 14 after necessary procedures are completed.

Expressing that they want to initially register a total of 100 Turkish products with high commercial potential at the international level, Varank said the proceedings regarding 41 applications are still underway before the EU Commission.

‘Gemlik olives famous not only in Türkiye but also across world’

Varank, who also visited the Gemlik Olive Market as part of his programs in Bursa, met with local tradesmen, and provided information on the geographical indication studies conducted in the EU about Gemlik olives.

Mustafa Varank

He noted that they are planning to implement new projects such as moving the Gemlik Olive Market to a larger, busier location for the tradesmen to carry out their business in a healthier way.

Varank also said they will introduce a new olive marketplace soon, and added: “Gemlik olive is a famous olive not only in Türkiye but also in the world. That’s why we want to protect the Gemlik olive, to support both our producers and our artisans in this business, and to bring this product to the world.”

“We will create a much healthier trade environment here with the new marketplace,” he added.

‘Gemlik olive registered in Official Journal of European Commission’

Varank also reminded that the geographical indication of the world-famous Gemlik olive in Türkiye was completed by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office under the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

“The Gemlik olive was registered in the Official Journal of the European Commission. This registration process will be completed as of May 28, and the Gemlik Olive will become an officially recognized product in the EU,” he said.

Suruç pomegranate

‘Registration of Gemlik olive as the 10th Turkish product to be completed’

Türkiye is one of the richest countries in the world with its local characteristics and local products, Varank noted, saying: “We are making an intense effort to register each of our products, both in the EU and in international organizations, and to have them registered as Türkiye’s property and product.”

“A total of nine products were registered with the EU. The registration of the Gemlik olive as the 10th Turkish product will be completed and we will promote this product much better in the world markets,” he added.

“This product will now be demanded as the ‘Gemlik olive’ in the world. We will advertise it this way,” Varank said.

“In addition, we have applications to continue the geographical registration of Bursa’s different products in the world. We are waiting for their results. In the coming period, we will also receive the registrations of Bursa’s peach, black fig, and chestnut in Europe.”

Çağlayancerit walnut

In addition to the Gemlik olive, the processes for Suruç pomegranate and Çağlayancerit walnut are expected to be completed in June.

Türkiye currently has nine registered geographical indications in the EU: baklava of southeastern Gaziantep province, the chestnut and fig of western Aydin, apricot of eastern Malatya province, olive oil of Milas in western Mugla province, white nectarine of western Canakkale’s Bayramic, garlic of the Taskopru district of northern Kastamonu province, plump hazelnut of Black Sea province of Giresun, and kunefe of southern Hatay province.

Geographical indication exhibition for Turkish provinces affected by Feb. 6 quakes

Varank stressed that 11 Turkish provinces affected by the twin-earthquake disaster on Feb. 6 have great potential in terms of geographical indications, saying they will use geographical indications as a tool for the re-development of these cities.

Bursa peach

Emphasizing the importance of promotional activities for geographical indications to receive the attention and value they deserve at the international level, he noted: “We will exhibit the geographical indications of 11 cities affected by the earthquake during the General Assembly Meetings of the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland on July 10-14.”

“We expect the participation of many high-level representatives from over 190 countries. We continue our exhibition preparations in cooperation with our permanent representative to the World Trade Organization,” the minister added…

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