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BURSA – Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (UYMSİB) held an online meeting with the participation of members of the Board of Directors along with Beijing Trade Consultancy, Guanco Trade Attaché and company representatives exporting cherries to the People’s Republic of China.

UYMSİB continues to hold its meetings over the online platform within the scope of effective combat with the new type of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

During the online meeting, moderated by UYMSİB Vice President Professor Senih Yazgan, Secretary General of Uludağ Exporters’ Associations (UİB) Mümin Karacakayalılar, Guangzhou Trade Attaché Serdar Afşar, Beijing Trade Chief Advisor Hakan Kızarıcı, Beijing Trade Consultant Sezgin Taşkın and Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association Chairman Hayrettin Uçak, as well as company representatives exporting cherries to the People’s Republic of China .

“We should break the image of US and Chilean cherries”

Speaking at the event, Vice President of UYMSİB, Dr. Senih Yazgan said that cherry is one of the most valuable products in Bursa’s exports of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, he stated that there is a perception of US and Chilean cherries in China and in order to compete with them, it is necessary to do some studies on quality and product variety

Pointing out that some problems were observed in cherry exports to China in 2019, Yazgan noted, “We hope that there will be no problem in the first cherry exports to China this year. We are working to create a marketable product in terms of variety, application criteria, packaging and cold process / fumigation and to find a response in China. We are in constant contact with the Ministry. We agree that the quality will be allowed to export once it is checked.”

“Logistics problem should be solved too”

Emphasizing that there are also difficulties in logistics, Yazgan added, “Air cargo prices have increased two times compared to before the pandemic. So that exporters to be able to earn, a discount should be applied according to the prices before the pandemic. However, there is another problem. In this sense, we had meetings with Turkish Airlines (THY). Especially, the problems regarding the holding of the products in the open area were brought to the agenda. THY stated that they can make the necessary arrangements in this regard, but all the responsibility of the work is with the Customs Consultancy firms that are mediating these affairs. In other words, while doing this job, we should take care to work with companies that have the infrastructure specified by THY. American cherry is a preferred product in China, but I think we can create opportunities if we can carry our quality and continuity there.”

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