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Burak Kırkgöz: Drought in Konya Plain causes ‘stress’, yield expectations fall

While a low rainy season continues in Konya Plain, the granary of grain across Türkiye, plants are stressed especially in barren areas. Stating that intermittent rainfall during the spike period, known as the spawning period, was insufficient, experts stated that there would be a decrease in yield in barren areas.

Low rainfall in Konya Plain until April opened the door to drought in barren areas. Occasional rainfall made farmers who produce in barren areas happy. After the analyses, it was reported that plants were stressed in some regions. Stating that the intermittent rainfall was insufficient during the spike period, which is known as the spawning period, experts stated that there will be a decrease in yield, especially in barren areas.

“If it hadn’t rained in April, there would have been no harvest”

Burak Kırkgöz, Konya Branch President of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers (ZMO), who explained that the expected precipitation did not fall at the beginning of April around Konya, said, “Of course, we expect the precipitation to be balanced and regular. If it did not rain at the beginning of April, it would cause the plants in the barren areas to be stressed and the yield in these areas would decrease. The rain that fell at the end of April in this period caused some relief in the barren areas. If it had not rained at the end of April, maybe there would have been no harvest in the barren areas.”

Burak Kırkgöz

“If these rains continue in May, the barren areas will be harvested. Of course, we cannot say that the rainfall in this period will increase the yield very seriously. Because the plants were stressed at the beginning of April, and the excessive air temperatures boosted the stress of the plants a little more. I hope that the rainfall will be balanced and regular in the next period,” Kırkgöz added…

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