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Turkey Cattle Breeders’ Association (TDSYMB) Vice President and Ardahan Provincial Cattle Breeders’ Association President Yunus Baydar said that breeding animals should not be selected as sacrificials for the future of production.

Stating that 1.2 million cattle and 3.5 million sheep and goats are expected to be slaughtered this year, Baydar noted, “As of the day, sales and shipments gained momentum. These sales will continue until the Feast of Sacrifice. We strive to ensure that our country’s food safety, future and domestic production are not interrupted as Cattle Breeders’ Association.”

Pointing out that the calf produced by each breeder is a significant gain for the country’s economy, Baydar added, “What we want is both the producer and the seller to be sensitive about this issue.”

Explaining that it would be appropriate to slaughter the animals that have passed the veterinary control and have lost their breeding qualities, Baydar concluded, “If the necessary health condition is in place, it is reasonable to cut. We want everyone to be sensitive regarding the economy of our country and the future of our food. So breeding animals should never be cut as sacrificials.”

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